I feel like my BM dropped and it’s only fully loaded in the morning but my daughter doesn’t like formula because I’ve been strictly breastfeeding but now I’m not pumping enough and I feel like my baby could eat more I keep trying with formula and even tried to add a little bit of oats to it I just feel horrible
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Is pretty normal that the production goes down and up, it happened to me and I was going crazy pumping the milk out every two hours, I get organic mother milk tea to increase my production. My production went up thanks God. Try pumping more and try some cookies or tea to increase the production.

Everyone’s body is different…If you can get the baby to latch then do it more often even if it’s for an ounce because it will communicate to your body to produce more ….also oats!

@Judith definitely have to change my diet around also

@Bina yes she latches pretty well

I’m having the same issue. My pediatrician was saying it was because he was sleeping more at night and starting solids so I didn’t need to produce as much. I just hate thinking he could be hungry

@Bria same here!! I think I need to wake up in the middle of the night to pump but I just know I will refuse to when the time comes 🫠

Girll I was crying when taht happened to me but it’s normal. Your milk supplies is just stabilizing. Keep on Brest feeding and pumping you might have to do it more but it’s supply in the Demian. Drinks lots of oats milk, almond milk, coconut milk you can mix them up with like white cholate flavoring, chai flavoring, matcha, whatever you like. And it’s cray but don’t stress too much your emotions really affect your supply. if I was stressed while pumping thinking about how I was not making milk I wouldn’t pump much. And defineltu do self care and take care of you !

Eat good food for sure!

I've been having a hard time with my supply too! Have you tried the enfamil inspire formula? It's supposed to be good for breastfed babies and I think it's supposed to taste close to what breastmilk taste like. I supplemented that and he took it really well. Just had to eas him into it. Maybe make a bottle and breastfeed her and then give here the bottle and just go back and forth.

Not saying you should give up breastfeeding. I'm still pumping as much as I can. But if she can take the formula, it will help you destress a little and hopefully bring your supply back up. Stress can be a huge factor as to why supply is down. I know it is for me.

Even if u think the baby is not drinking enough it’s okay she/he is because anytime the baby latches your body creates milk it’s the chemical reaction that baby and breast have. It’s a bit different than pumping pumping if there isn’t milk or you are stressed doesn’t come but it’s still good to pump even if doesn’t come out is telling your body you need to make more milk for met time! And but if formula won’t hurt just used the closest to breast milk formula, but when I was very low and frustrated I said no formula so anytime baby is hungry baby has to latch and my milk would go up!

liquid gold lactation supplements, mothers milk and boobie body superfood (you can mix it with lots of oat milks and such milks) works great !!

Thank you everyone!!!

I noticed drinking coconut water helps but also pumping at night after feeds (we make more at night) and sometimes I use that extra milk to top off feeds during the day. However sometimes I top him off and he just spits it up anyway 😅😅 Breastmilk gets more calorie dense over time so even if you aren’t making more you’re probably still making the calories baby needs!! Try not to worry! Is the babies weight doing okay? If his weight is good then I’m sure everything is just fine 🫶

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