How do i know its over?

Ladies, I need your honest opinion on this. My husband and I used to fight like crazy in the beginning. Recently we have calmed down, and we got into a fight again. For some reason I have a feeling like I can’t do it anymore. I feel like Ive lost hope in our relationship. This one fight was enough for me, I feel very tired. We have a 15 month old, and sometimes I feel like she’s the reason why we’re together. This is wrong, I know. But what can I do in this situation. Also, he hasn’t complimented me in a while. Our sex is terrible. It’s like he doesn’t notice me sometimes. I’ve tried so hard to save this family, but I am so so very tired. I can’t stop crying on my pillow.
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I think you know it's over, or at least ending, when you have to ask. Just know that a happy mom and dad is more important than a married mom and dad.

When there are more sad days crying than happy ones smiling. For a good amount of time, I’d say that’s a sign. If the pain of staying becomes greater than the pain of leaving, that’s another sign. But because there is a child involved, I’d suggest trying to make it work before calling it quits. I mean having regular appts with a couples counsellor. And you both putting in the work to make eachother happy.

Thank you for the advice 🙏🏼💜

You know it's over when you're asking for validation on your gut feeling that it's over

I agree with the other ladies, if you’re asking then you probably already know. But on the other hand, change is a constant in life. People will change, relationships change, situations change. Just because you’ve had a big fight doesn’t mean you’ll continue to have those fights. I’d say talk to him about whatever it was that made you say you’re over it, and if you guys can have a conversation where you both come to a better understanding of why you’re starting to argue again. Couples will argue, but coming to a good resolution can make or break a relationship

@Zipporah i wish I could do that. Every time i try to talk it out he gets annoyed & aggressive. He starts yelling even more and saying that he doesn’t want to talk. We had many many big fights, not just one.. I feel very stuck because he’s a good person. But im questioning myself if he’s a good husband or not.

I’m in a similar situation, we have a 1yo and my husband is a veteran with ptsd so it’s difficult to talk to him too when he gets high energy, and he often will get to a point where he will say he doesn’t feel like talking. Whenever he calms down tho I’ll go try to talk to him or he’ll come to me, I’ve been sticking it out with him bc Ik he wasn’t always like this and sometime the strain of a new baby can really weigh a lot of someone, especially if he’s the main provider for your family. Maybe he’s just still adjusting to becoming a new parent, or maybe he’s burnt out, maybe y’all need a good date night or a vacation

@Zipporah we definitely do deserve a vacation… unfortunately we both don’t have any family that could watch our LO. We haven’t been on a date for a year. You are right!!

You definitely deserve a vacation, maybe take some time finding a good babysitter and maybe once a month or something you and your partner can plan a nice date night or vacation. I live close to my mom so she’s my babysitter and it has been a life saver to know we can just drop the baby off if we really need a break or if I need time for myself.

@Zipporah your advice is great. I will recommend that to him today. Thank you❤️

Ofc anytime time!

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