My husband left today early morning to the military. I was there when he and his sgt left to go to the airport. I was bawling my eyes out. He’s doing army reserves part time, he’ll be gone 10 months. I feel like I’m a wreck but I don’t show cause I can’t I have to be strong for my 2 boys. My father in law and his 5 youngest kids is also living with us🙂 probably until the summer. I’m just hoping December comes fast this year. What did you do while your partner was gone? How was the first couple months? How did you explain to your kids? Mine are 3 and 1
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My husband is at basic right now and I’m active duty Air Force. It’s really hard for the first few weeks but you’ll find your normal routine and phone calls will be the highlight of your day!

My dad was often TDY. I don't remember how my parents first told us, but we knew growing up that daddy was at work and would come home in a few months. He made a habit of bringing home special little gifts each time from wherever he was. I still have a little teddy that he brought home to me when i was about 5. I remember i loved that thing so much! So i wouldn't worry about your kids, just telling them that daddy is at work, and the luxury of video calls wasn't q thing when i was younger, so i feel like that will also help! As for my mom, hard to say since i was a kid, but my mom ran an in home daycare for a while, sob she was playing with all of us alot, we watched family movies all the time.... she also had 2 best friends who were fairly local that were also married, so they would all go out together sometimes. Just keep busy, spend more time with your kids and friends. Video call all the time. The time will fly

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