Sleeping so much

I know that it's normal to be tired and sleeping lots, but I've been sleeping 14-18 hours and my boyfriend is starting to get annoyed with me, I'm trying to tell him it's very normal and that I'm growing a baby and it's exhausting, but does anyone else sleep that much?
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With my first I worked and slept. That was it lol. How far along? Men don't always understand but maybe you can find a way to compromise or send him some info about pregnancy exhaustion

11 weeks! Yeah that's a good idea, I'll definitely look up and send him some websites to read

And yeah I'm working full time as well, so when I can I sleep soooo much hahaha.

Totally normal! I went to sleep at 8 last night and woke up at 8… your body needs rest! Not only are we growing a baby, but literally another organ! Insannnnity. I gave my husband a heads up that exhaustion is a main symptom, and another thing we did was used the Flo Partner feature in the Flo app. He is able to check weekly what week we are, symptoms, tips for him to help, etc! He loves it and helps him feel apart of the journey. Hope that helps!!

Men wont understand..Im pregnant with my third and you’d think my husband would know by now lol he still wonders why Im on the couch sleeping 😅 pregnancy is exhausting, dont feel bad honestly..sleep and rest as much as you can you really need it. You can show him so pregnancy books that can help him understand this, growing a human isnt easy, takes a lot of energy, my husband is now used to it. He’ll hopefully understand with time too.

I'm pregnant with twins and have slept alot haha so thankful my man understands. Before we confirmed twins he was kinda like uhhhh... but not he gets it hahaha

This is why I make my spouse attend appointments with me! My midwife reassured me I need this test, but hubby hearing it from me isn’t the same as him hearing it from a professional. After that, he attended and it’s also really great because he gets to ask questions as well.

I was sleeping that long as well from week 8-13. I am in my week 14, and my sleep has finally returned to somewhat more of my normal hours (8-9 hours).

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