US mum puts baby in oven instead of crib

Yall heard the news? I was shocked. Is this true? How bad is post partum depression? Feeling sorry for the mum and the baby 😪
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I haven't heard this. Turned the oven on too?

Yes n she said she was supposed to put the baby in the crib but by mistake she put her in the oven n ppl wer like “ok understood but u dont switch on ur crib, so y d oven”. The news is all over on social media but I dont know if its authentic. I really hope not

It’s true. Put her 1 month old in the oven.

It's true but she had other mental health issues too before the baby was born. Not just post partum depression

Yeah that's way beyond post partum depression. That's psychosis. How awful.

That poor baby.

I had heard something about this happening with all the events going on with the Iran/Israel issues (not the mom putting baby in, someone else).... i never looked into it because i was too horrified!!! This is heartbreaking

Does anyone know if the baby is okay?? That breaks my heart.

Oh no that's too horrible 😢

I can't believe people, this is heartbreaking and disgusting

@Billie-Jean the baby died, unfortunately

Yeah this isn't just a case of depression. She either has some really serious mental health issues or drug issues to say "oh yeah I thought that was the crib"

@Billie-Jean sadly the baby did pass away and was pronounced dead on the scene when authorities arrived. i believe it was the grandfather who found the baby first and he knew it was dead from the burn marks on the baby, the diaper, and the blanket

This makes no sense, how could anyone mistake an oven for a crib and turn the oven on?? This mom is either lying or on some kind of crazy drugs.

Woah…that’s crazy. And really sad. Does anyone know if she’s being charged?

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