In laws

My bd parents have placed no real effort into seeing our daughter and have made it clear they will only watch her if we drop her off to them I feel as if they can’t watch her in her environment and put that effort in I don’t want them watching her my bd doesn’t see the big deal… (they have never raised a baby my bd was adopted at 10) they never talk to him unless he calls them and I just feel if you don’t place effort into my daughter you don’t need to see her .. I’ve tried to reach out and communicate we want to see effort but it seems they either don’t understand/ or aren’t willing to try… but with my new mom anxiety I refuse to let them watch her without them putting effort in and me seeing they can follow her schedule and respect our parenting…am I in the wrong?
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You’re RIGHT, don’t give in. Especially without respect to your parenting style.

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