Growing pains??

My almost 16 month old son normally sleeps all night. Goes to bed like clock work. I can even lay him down and he will go to sleep. Tonight he woke up about 30 minutes after I put him to bed screaming. He’s never done this. I picked him up and just couldn’t get him to calm down. I brought him in the living room and turned on Bluey and still nothing. He was screaming and wiggling like he was hurting. He gets hot when he gets upset so I was trying to get him to calm down for a accurate temp. I just gave him Tylenol anyways and he almost immediately calmed down. Now he’s just sitting here. He is a little warm as I write this about 30 minutes after Tylenol. I probably won’t get much sleep worrying about him. I hope he isn’t getting sick. This will be his first time getting sick. I was just curious if it could be a growing pain. He is rather tall. He’s already in most 2T clothes.
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Could it also be teething? My almost 15m old recently woke up like that as well and the next day I discovered two molars popping through.

Well he has some molars already. His canines are starting to pop through. I thought it could be teething, but he wasn’t messing with his mouth very much. Could be teething though. I haven’t completely ruled that out either. He’s finally went back to sleep. I just hope he gets a good nights sleep.

It could be growing pains, teething, or even hunger. When my son wakes up screaming like that, I offer him a cup of milk, and he almost always goes straight back to sleep. If that doesn't work, then I give him Tylenol. But it sounds to me like you're doing a great job and what you feel is best for your LO. I hope he is doing well ♥️ keep up the great work, Mama!

@Liz Aww. Thank You! I definitely needed that!

After reading this I wonder if this is what my daughter is going through, she’s almost 16 months and is screaming currently and driving the whole house insane cuz nobody can sleep over the screaming. I’ve tried Motrin and no help :( following for tips I hope it gets easier soon momma!

If it happens to be your LO is possibly teething I found a while back when teething started that giving Tylenol or Motrin and combining with a little orajel helps my guy get relief. By the time the orajel wears off Tylenol is kicking in and gives him a good amount of rest. My LO is getting a couple molars and I had to do this tonight because there was no consoling him.

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