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First time mom here, really needing advice 😵‍💫 My almost 5 week old has colic, bad gas, and some reflux signs. I just thought it was getting better as his episodes are mostly at night. However today he refused to nap until 2:30, he was so overtired. What is weird is he will ONLY settle and calm Down if he is being rocked in his car seat. Literally nothing else works. We’ve tried it all. We obviously don’t want him napping in the car seat, but it seems to be more frequently that this is the only way to calm his colic and for him to rest. We transfer him out once he falls asleep in there but I feel hopeless that this is the only thing that works. I’m really struggling mentally with this wanting him to get on a schedule but at the same time I’m on survival mode just trying to get past this colic 😭
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Does he maybe prefer the car seat because he is sitting up more? I find with my baby that holding him vertically whilst resting him on me makes him feel better and less colicky.

@Amy maybe! That could be a reason. I just don’t know how else to get him settled and to rest during the day. Usually at night before he goes down at like 10:30-11 he’s fine and will lay in his bassinet.

Yeah…my baby is the same. He’s around the same age as yours hahaha. Our doctor said it will get better once their digestive system matures more. Until then we just have to do our best to soothe them 🥲🥲 Definitely try holding him up for a while when he’s crying. Skin to skin also helps (having his belly against yours for warmth).

My daughter suffered really badly, again, mainly at night. Do you make bottles using a prep machine? X

If you try holding them and keeping them upright for about 30 minutes after eating, it helps to digest their food better so they have less discomfort. I tell every first time Mom this because it really helps but always having something near them. That smells like you help soothe them, it’s not going to solve your problem, but it does help buying one of those baby toys with the heartbeat sound on it helps too and getting a toy that vibrates like a bouncer chair that you can put next to them while they are laying down can help also poor baby those stages are always so hard I hope things get better for you and your poor LO

Grape water and gas drops are also a big help for the gas relief and the sitting upright for 30 minutes really helps with the reflux both of my babies had it and that’s what my doctor told me sit them up for 30 minutes after eating and don’t let them be too bouncy. I mean, I know that’s for once they get a little older and are crawling around and stuff, but I noticed mine threw up more after eating when they were crawling around or bouncing around I would sit them in the bouncy seat or hold them for about 30 minutes after eating while just letting them play with toys and it really did help them. I have it too and I can’t even lay down after eating lol it sucks.

Gripe water***

@Laura yes baby breeza

Stop using it immediately & throw it in the bin is my advise 😂 we had tonnes topped prep machine & soon realised it was causing so many issues! I’ve heard such bad things about them. They bubble the water too much causing colic & reflux They don’t kill all bacteria in water The amount they dispense is different each time The water temperature each time is different We stopped using ours & went to cooked boiled water & used a Nuby rapid cook at night and the improvement in our LO is unbelievable!! Worth a try for a few days x

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