Treat other how you want too be treated and it isn’t being “sensitive” it’s being a grown adult and having a conversation without the cussing and arguing we can agree to disagree with kindness l

I don’t think it’s such a shame it’s just like let’s get it together…. We are all woman with kids who do not think the same nor do the same things. what I find okay you might not find okay what you find okay I might not find it okay but have some class and some respect on how you talk too everyone seriously we all come on here too see different opinions and get help and get answers and no one should ever downgrade a mom just a person in general because how they feel. yes explain how you feel but add some sugar too it why would you want someone too feel down and bad if it’s not encouraging and uplifting with solutions “well she posted her business so I said how I feel” okay and you have the power too control how you respond and uplift one another and inspire because all of us are just trying mamas raising babies the laughing at one another talking down on one another being sarcastic is crazy because we are raising tiny little humans who will soon use there voice too speak!
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i think you have a very sweet perspective on the topic & seem like you have a big heart! ..however, i’m a big fan of shame & think it needs to make a partial comeback. some people are very comfortable with doing bad & if it’s affecting the quality of a child’s life, it SHOULD be called out. you can’t fight neglect with kindness.

@Anaya Thank you and I understand that I’m just saying the disrespect is not cool the calling out of names calling ppl “trash” for what shame with kindness lol call out with solutions

I’m so glad someone screenshotted the incognito post before they deleted it! I tried searching for it but it looks like it was dirty deleted

Lol I think I may know who posted that. Some opinions just shouldn’t be posted. No one has the right to be a keyboard warrior and say anyone’s a terrible mom especially from a screen. It’s rude. Words and actions have consequences.

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