Growth spurt?

My baby just turned 3 weeks yesterday and has been sleeping sooo much for the last 2 days is this normal? Also she has some dry boogers in her nose.. not congested but I did notice there is just some in her nose. Has anyone else experienced this?
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Currently going through this as well! At 3 weeks they usually go through growth spurt 😊

@Jen Jen is she waking up to eat? My baby sometimes wakes up but others I have to wake her up after 3-4hrs

I was told to watch for the 3s. Babies go through their first growths spurts at 3 days, 3 weeks, and 3 months.

@Mya yes, she wakes up to feed. She’s drinking 4 oz and up to her birth weight so I usually leave her to rest at night 😊 she went 4 hours last night

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