Milk leaking already!?

Has anyone had some milk leak out? I’m 23 weeks and I just had some. Anyone know if this is normal?
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It’s normal ☺️ it’s your colostrum just wear breast pads


Yea or sometimes I wake up and it’s dried up milk in my bra that looks like flakes

Yes that is normal mine started leaking at 20 weeks with my first baby and now I am 22 weeks and I’m just now leaking but you should collect it tho because colostrum is the most important for you baby to get

Start collecting it in a syringe and freeze it when you’re between 34-36 weeks! It’s called liquid gold, super good for the baby. Look it up (:

Wow that’s amazing! 😍

Yes girl! I had my first leakage at work in a light colored shirt 😂 This is my first baby so I had no idea it happened this early!

Yes mine has been since 19 weeks.

@Marykate Cruz have you begun to collect yours ? I read that it wasn’t good to start so soon because it can cause contractions

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