Autism trait but cant it be something else?

I haven’t had her vision checked yet. Vid in comments
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Cant see video but if its what i think it is ibe seen alot of toddlers with a tick where they excessively blink and adults

@Kirsty oh aw man, no its of her like watching her hand move next to her

It can be a trait of autism but it can also be common in typical children too. I wouldn't draw any conclusions unless she shows other signs as well x

@Rebecca she does but I assume that all of the other signs are common in typical children as well. Like walking on tippy toes, only says one word at 19months old, getting really close to an object to just stare into it, watching tv or reading books upside down etc

@Rebecca im not sure which ones are concerning in normal, they all seem normal or maybe just sightly odd

My son does that with his hands but he’s autistic (non verbal) we’re in the middle of getting him a diagnosis

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