How many words is your 15 month old saying? Do they sing songs?
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Our son doesn’t sing songs but he dances and follows the actions. So he’ll gesture itsy bitsy spider, he’ll clap/stomp/hooray to “if you’re happy”, he’ll do animal sounds to “ol mcdonald”, he’ll hop to “hop little bunny”, etc. He just now started to consistently and properly say agua, mas, more, no, yeah, wow, up, all done, ball, and blue. He’s trying to say cow, Bruno (our dog), down, stinky, and hot (he says the first half of these words only)

My son can’t sing songs but he does the actions and sometimes hums the tune kinda. He says 15 words and signs 17 words. But every baby is different

15 words and sings twinkle twinkle

Probably about 15 words as well and he sings the Ms Rachel "Can You Say Mama" song

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