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Someone help - I think my due date might be wrong.. Due date dr gave me at the beginning of my pregnancy is May 7, 2024 First day of my last period was July 1, 2023 Possible dates we conceived July 8, 2023 or July 14, 2023 Date I found out I was pregnant August 28, 2023 After doing 2 different due date calculators they both say my due date is April 6, 2024 I have my OB appt tomorrow so I plan to ask if they can reevaluate my due date because i’d like to know if we need to be prepared for babygirl a month before we were expecting to be prepared. I just don’t see how i’m due May 7.. does anyone have any input?
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I would ask because my due date is May 4th and first day of my last period was July 22nd

Your initial due date given goes off first day of last period. Your due date is confirmed at your first ultrasound ‘dating scan’ around 7 weeks.

@Alexondra is right! at the first ultrasound they confirm your due date based on how far the baby has progressed in the images and if it doesn’t add up they’ll definitely let you know

@Alexondra @Amaya my due date has been May 7 since i went in - nothing was ever said about my due date or anything after they originally told me May 7 and that was at 6 weeks & I was seeing a fertility doctor until 10 weeks and then i moved to regular OB

@Reaghan if you weren’t given a different date at your ultrasound, I’d assume it’s correct. I mean there’s no harm in asking for reassurance!

@Alexondra but we were also told at my anatomy scan at 20 weeks that babygirl is measuring big

@Reaghan I was told the same thing & I had a big baby, on the due date I was first given. There’s an ‘average’ baby size for however many weeks & she was just measuring bigger, that could mean nothing

I have the same due date and got a positive on aug 26

None of your dates make sense in my head atm. If you conceived July 14 (more likely than July 8 based off of LMP) you were almost 9 weeks when you found out on the 28th august. So how did you have a 6 week scan? I think you ovulated a lot later than you think

The due date given at your scan is more reliable than any online calculator. The one based on your period is more like an educated guess. Go with the date given at your most recent scan.

If you were doing fertility treatment there is a chance you ovulated and or implanted different then what is normal for most. I was doing fertility treatment and she measured different at my dating scan than the first day of my last period

Did you have an initial dating scan? Online calculators are based off a 28-day cycle so if your cycle differs from that, the calculators won't give you an accurate due date.

@Courtney i’m not sure what that is - but i talked to my OB today & we are doing a growth scan at my next appt which is 02/27 to see what baby is measuring

The dating scan happens around 6-8 weeks, typically a transvaginal ultrasound to confirm due date. If you have a 28-day cycle, they may not do one because you're likely to align with the calculator.

The first day of my last period was also first week of July, dates of conception also similar to yourself and I’m due April 7th

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