Spit up... should I worry?

My baby's never been a frequent spitter... she struggled with silent reflux till I switched to exclusively pumping... we were good till now about 50 min after eating she spits up a lot of clear, chunky liquid... sometimes smelling like curdled milk, she's been extra fussy and gassy (stinky gas). we have had to use formula occasionally due to me not meeting her needs... she hasn't had formula since Friday when she was so upset at her grandparents place. She spit up all over her clothes before they dropped her off (she was miserable)... I'm worried if I might need to take her in or maybe change my diet or wait for that formula to work its way out of her system... pic of her passed out on my legs after a crying fit. 😢
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Have you tried burping her after each feed? It can be a mission getting them to burp but it could help the spit up.

Try burping her after every oz or two .. & Don’t lay her right down after feeding/burping even if she falls asleep .

I second these ladies. My son has aggressive spit ups when I fail to burp him enough throughout feeds even if I’m exclusively breastfeeding now. I didn’t meet his needs either and his goat milk formula was good but chunky when spit up. Sometimes it takes longer than 5 mins for that burmp bubble to come up but if I don’t get it, the milk forces its way back up with it and he hurls, really makes the vomit noises and it looks like it hurts him. Keep at it mama, it’ll get better

^ Yes and on the bright side because my daughter had reflux also IT GOES AWAY ! She’ll be 3 months next week and can now be laid down once she’s done eating even if she don’t burp I just look for signs that she may agitated & sometimes she’s just fine . 💕

@Tara I burp her every feed and in the middle of it...

I forgot to say she's almost 5 months old (in 9 days) she's also in a growth spurt and teething

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