Gestational diabetes

Today my dr told me I have gestational diabetes and I’m just so very depressed about it. I had a serious breakdown today after I left the appointment. My partner has been very supportive , loving and has been comforting me . We went and got some new groceries and I took a nap and felt a lot better. I hope this week gets brighter. I’m almost 28 weeks and she did measure me today and said the baby’s a little bigger. Excited to meet my baby boy jasper ❤️
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Hello mama , I had gestational diabetes last year and I totally understand you . It was scary and frustrating.We are all reacting differently to diabetes. Exercise, walking everyday,eating well , reducing stress helps me a lot to reduce the carbs but at the end of my pregnancy I had to take insulin till I meet my baby girl . After I give birth all diabetes was gone ! And my daughter was not too big, she was a normal weight 6,13 pounds and in good health. Having a supporting partner is a must because it’s hard to not eat what we want .For the sugar cravings I eat fiber bar of cinnamon or brownies flavor . I just want to encourage you that your baby will benefit from thoses healthy habits ,and there is chances that your baby will be absolutely fine and not too big . Be strong mama !

Midwife had me do the glucose test at 10 weeks since I'm planning to do a home birth and due to a long family history of gestational diabetes on my dad's side. Everything was all good till baby started measuring a little on the big side. And she has had me using a glucose monitor since my anatomy scan. My job has me walking a lot so that helps with promoting my body to make just enough insulin to keep blood sugar levels down. You don't have to do rigorous exercises, but I do recommend doing a 20-30 min walk after meals and 5 min walk after a small snack. And drink lots of water! Staying hydrated does help with regulating your blood sugar! You got this and best of luck!!

I just want to assure you that this is not your fault. It's how your body is reacting to your placenta. I have had it with both my children. My first was controlled by diet and exercise. This pregnancy I have to take insulin with my bed time snack. Just try your best. The support of family is wonderful. My husband and I like making new meals together and going for walks. Good luck x

I feel you girl! I had gestational diabetes too! Are you able to control it through diet and exercise? Luckily it’s only temporary and will be over in some months! 💙

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