GD but good number?

Hi! I was Diagnosed with GD but somehow my numbers are good fasting and through out the day.. is the machine broken or do I not have it? I don’t get it, I’m going crazy.
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Your levels can change after 32 weeks as insulin resistance tends to get harder to control from 32 weeks onwards. I was in denial at the start too. But I did indeed have it

My fasting numbers were also really good. A couple levels were high after meals but not too bad

I’m currently 34 wks 5 days

@Paula Ah okay. For most women it can get harder after 32 weeks. But for me personally it didn’t. I still had it though. But it was just rare for me to spike

Have you been following dietary advice because maybe it's being managed by diet

@Amelia yes I have! But not that strict. I just haven’t seen a spike so that’s why I’m confused.

It’s different for everyone. For some, it’s really bad and requires insulin. Yours is not bad so far so I will be happy hey. It was like that for me with my first pregnancy no spikes at all. But currently with my 3rd pregnancy, it’s so bad I’m on insulin.

@Oll mmm good to know! Thx

So far, mine has been like this. Diagnosed at 28 weeks. I've only spiked if i eat something I shouldn't have. Fasting numbers have been very good. I'm feeling lucky, really. Some ppl diet is enough. I was told by my consultant it could get more difficult in the last few weeks. I hope it stays the same.

I had the same. Got diagnosed at 28 weeks, was really strict on myself and completely cut everything out to start with and I slowly started testing certain things and I could eat so much I was so confused, I could have takeaways (things like a full pizza, fish and chips, McDonald’s) I could drink hotel chocolat hot chocs which are full of sugar! I tried some chocolate etc etc, crisps and other stuff so I have no idea. When I first got diagnosed I read posts on here and thought I’d struggle to eat things like pasta and potatoes but I was fine. Right up until delivery I think I only had 3 high readings. I suppose everyone’s body is different but I kept saying to my midwife how I don’t think I actually had it and she ended up agreeing near the end 😂

I've not been too bad to be fair I'm nearly 35 weeks and mostly my number have been under control I mean don't get ms wrong an odd 3.9 for fasting level first thing in the morning once in a blue moon amd maybe a high number but rarely, I was only just over the threshold for the initial test, it's weird see, I just hope it all goes when baby comes 💕

@Leah if you don't mind me asking, what was your labour and delivery like? Did you get induced, c-section, or vaginal birth that started naturally on its own?

@Nour Huda I ended up getting induced at 39+3 weeks as they thought she was going to be a big baby (she estimated 6lb 3oz at 35 weeks then jumped to 7lb 9oz at 37 weeks so they didn’t want to leave me too long in case she shot up in weight again) I had the propess pessary put in on Monday 22nd Jan, had than in for 24hrs, then ended up having two lots of gels put in on the Tuesday 23rd. Got checked on the Wednesday 24th and I had dilated enough to get waters broke down on the Labour ward. Once waters were broke at 12pm on the Wednesday I had the hormone drip (I had already been contracting on and off but they kept stop starting and very sporadic) so once on the drip they became very regular. I ended up having a vaginal delivery, it was quite fast as at 10pm that night I was only 4cm.. then at 01:30am they checked me and I was crowning (had the epidural so couldn’t feel it lol) baby was born very fast (within 8 min) as cord was wrapped around her neck, luckily only had episiotomy cut x

@Nour Huda Baby girl was born and she weighed 7lb 8oz so luckily she wasn’t huge lol. I found my birth went really well even though I was induced. It felt like a long process and luckily didn’t end up in a c section as that’s what I was mainly worried about x

I’ve been diagnosed with GD at 28 weeks. Now I’m at 29wks. This is my first pregnancy and I’m scared for my baby. Now I have to go to a diabetic doctor and start testing my sugars at home. Does the GD go away after I give birth?

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