Crib transition and feeling sad

My baby boy is 6 months will be 7 mths on Sunday. He has been sleeping in his bassinet next to our bed since he was brought home. We just put him in his new crib which is in the same room as ours! But i feel so sad not to have him closer where i can just roll over and see him smiling first thing in the morning! Anyone else experiencing/experienced this?
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I’ve been thinking about switching over too but holding out 🥹 and I have to put the crib back together lol but I think I’ll leave one side of the crib off so I can have it pushed up against my side of the bed ❤️

@Rebeca i am slightly regretting the decision lol but i know he needs the space

i feel you on this, i can’t get my baby out of my bed yet🥺😅😅 i said this third one i will sleep train after my 2 first children, my daughter didn’t get out of our bed til she was 10🙃🙃 i was too pregnant for her to be in bed anymore….. it’s hard, but everyone will sleep better in the long run❤️

Yes I tried to put my boy in his own room but I feel sad like he doesn’t need me as much anymore. I thought I was being dramatic lol, I decided to bring him back in because he’s only this little for so long 🥹

I started putting my daughter to sleep in her crib at around 5 months. Her nursery is in the room next to us so it was pretty tough at first. She sleeps until about 12pm - 1am then I just bring her into our bed again. Baby steps (no pun intended) lol! 🤣🤣🤣

I cried my eyes out the first night my little one had her bassinet transferred to her room..since I was so use to having her next to me since day one.... I stared at the monitor all night.. It's tough to see them getting so big.. my little one is going on 7 months on the 18th and so far we've had her sleeping in her crib for a week and almost a half. She's doing good but I still miss her constantly. P.s Just re read your post. Our babies share a birthday. 💕

It is sad momma! But they in their little space. My son has been sleeping in his room for maybe 2 months now, he loves it. Bassinet was getting too small for him and uncomfortable and the room too loud for him(his dad snores loud!) so he’s in his room with his humidifier, little heater when it gets cold, and his music and lights and he loves it. It was very tough for me I just wanted to have him next to me forever but they’re safer in their crib and cozier with their space 🩷.

We set up the crib in our room, where the bassinet was.... On 01/24/24. A few days after he turned 7 months old 🥰. The directions on the bassinet itself said once on hands and knees or 25 pounds , whichever comes first.... To discontinue use. It's great to see how much space he has in there, but he's still small, relatively

@Kimberly ohh how lovely!

Thank you all for your reassurance! He did well 1st night. It was definitely a good decision

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