Small rant. It enrages me seeing parents giving their BABIES sugar and processed, dyed, junk. This food is killing us. You are literally killing your child. Parents give their kids sugar and junk then wonder why their kids are “bad” or jumping off the walls all day long. Do better for your children. There’s absolutely zero reason that a baby needs candy or chips or soda or even juice. Treat your babies body like a temple, it’s the least we can do as parents.
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I know it can be hard, but there's all types of parents on here. Sometimes it's just good to keep these types of post to yourself. Sugar doesn't always dictate "jumping off the walls". That can easily be a disorder. Additionally being "Bad" can just as well be on the parents for not appropriating correct discipline. Could just be me, but this platform should be about inspiration and advise and not judgment...

I don’t think it’s judgmental when there is massive amount of research surrounding the dangers of sugar and processed food and parents are choosing to ignore those facts, especially at such a young age. You choose whether or not you want to be a conscious parent.

I would never judge someone for something out of their control, but this is 100% a choice.

Yup, hear you. I'm not pro sugar but I am pro not telling parents what to do. Sharing information in a positive way has always been the appropriate approach rather than making parents feel like 💩. But like I mentioned, that's just me. Some say giving my child watermelon infused water is terrible. I should do better. To that I say mind your business lol. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Saying parents are LITERALLY killing their kids is quite the exaggeration. If you have research or information, share it. This is unhelpful.

Obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancers secondary to obesity, dental decay, high blood pressure, short term memory difficulties, etc. The AHA recommends NO sugar before age 2 and sparingly afterwards. I’m not saying don’t let them eat cake at a bday party once they’re older. But there’s no reason for a baby to have candy.

Sugar is directly linked to early death, so yes, feeding your kids candy and donuts every morning is killing your kid.

😭😭😭 not today satan 😂

Shady af my girl posted a picture of her LO eating a Lollipop hopefully that wasn’t what triggered you 🙄 next time if you are so concerned about people’s children then don’t go incognito.

Parents can do whatever they want, but yeah, I'm a legitimate sugar addict and I strictly follow the guidelines with my daughters. Aside from a few bites of cake on their 1st birthdays, they get absolutely no added sugar until 2+. And even then, we didn't let our oldest have much at all until she turned 3. I think I'd be less concerned if I weren't addicted to sugar, but I definitely hope my kids are able to keep it within moderation.

@Lindsey it blows me away that parents don’t see the detrimental impact of sugar… or they just don’t care which is super sad. Good for you for being conscious of your babies health ♥️ they won’t miss what the never had! My daughter eats fruits and veggies as a snack, no need for added sugar!

Wow, this is really dramatic😂 There’s a lot of genuinely awful people in this world, maybe you should pick someone else to be mad at

It's going to be tiring to be this invested in everyone else's kids. Where are your children? The same way you have such strong opinions on everyone else's parenting choices, others could have the same opinions on how you choose to raise your kids You chose to post anonymously so you could have a safe space to judge others without accepting any judgment in return. None of us raise our kids the same and you'll have to survive knowing this.. You'll be alright, go hug your baby or read a book 🖤

It’s your delivery that’s the problem here. Hold yourself accountable and check it. I’m sure you’re not the perfect parent. Give information without judgement.

@Jem oh its TOTALLY the delivery. I understood the message but yikes 😬😬

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Or, just maybe, we let parents choose how they want to parent. Now, I'm not agreeing with having candy and doughnuts every day, but the occasional sweet treat is not going to kill them. I do not have "bad" kids. With the occasional sweet treat during the holidays and on their birthdays, they are still the sweetest kids you'll ever meet. So, please, tell me what it is like being the perfect parent?

Hi Ingognito, Was there a post where someone said they fed their toddler candy and donuts every morning? If so, I would suggest you message them directly about your concerns, and don’t holler at this group as a whole. I agree with those that are saying your delivery was 💩 and that this platform is not to tear people down. You can voice your concerns and simultaneously not degrade. I can’t speak for everyone, but judging from a lot of the posts, we are a lot of exhausted women in here who are waking up every day and trying very hard. We don’t need to be told, anonymously at that, that we need to do better and that we are killing our children. Overall, we aren’t all going to agree on everything, but there’s a manner in which to have opposing opinions or to share advice, and your post was not it.

@Joy and some still waking up more than once at night 😊 so some aren’t here for the behavior 😂

Guilty of all of this . She loves dr.pepper 😫 But she’s not hyper … Idk how to get her to eat healthy when she’s had a taste of “the good”(bad) stuff (candy chips )

What a drag… Shame on YOU for being so judgmental. Women already get crapped on a daily. We don’t need to do it to each other. You don’t know someone’s circumstances. You don’t know if they can afford all fresh, all organic, all dye free etc. Your “input” is extremely unhelpful, classist af and exaggerated. No mother of a 2 year old is feeding their kids donuts and candy EVERY SINGLE DAY. We ALL check in with our baby’s pediatrician to make sure our little ones are as healthy as possible. At the end of the day, not your child- not your concern. Do better as a parent for YOUR kids so they don’t grow up to be judgy little beings like you. “Opinions are like buttholes, everyone has one but not all are meant to be seen/heard.”

@Jocelyn fruits and vegetables and whole grains are substantially more cost friendly than junk food. Using cost as reason to eat like shit is a huge cop out.

@Heidi avoid buying it mama, that’s honestly the best way. If it’s a treat you want for yourself- have it during nap time 🤫 lol

That’s the reality of some people!!! wtf is wrong with you?? Toddlers are literally walking fruit vacuums. A big bag of chips, cost like $2 whereas 16oz create of blueberries is about $5- bffr. ONE serving of chips is not “killing your child” or a “cop out.” You reek of privilege and judgement. All of this in incognito, you’re a coward on top of an egregious classist.

I don’t feed my kid sugar at least not yet he’s already hyper as it is. But I don’t judge others it’s not like I’m the one responsible for other kids besides mine. I would like a fund though for some blueberries/blackberries 🫐 my kid can eat a pack a day (one of each) 😫

@Jocelyn to each their own. I would never sacrifice my child’s health because of cost or ease. I’m by no weans wealthy. We’re a family of four on one mediocre paycheck in WA state where cost of living is through the roof. We still manage to feed our kids healthy food every day. There’s no privilege here.

Candy has literally zero nutritional value, so saying that people are feeding that as a replacement for healthy foods for cost reasons makes no sense.

Why is everyone so triggered by this? Your pediatrician would likely tell you the same thing. Shame is an inside job. If you’re feeling shamed it’s because you know you’re doing something you don’t feel good about

@Emma believe the upset is the tone, delivery and judgment on the original poster. Especially doing this incognito. I was nice in suggesting to post information in a more useful and kind way 🤷‍♀️

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