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Hi everyone! I’m a FTM and recently have caught a cold (sore throat with a light cough). My baby is only 4 weeks old…I’m so scared I’ll pass my cold to the baby… But i also don’t have anyone who can help me… Just wanted to know what everyone does when they get sick with their babies?
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Wash your hands frequently, wear a mask if you can, and if you’re breastfeeding - keep it up, baby receives antibodies from the milk.

I was in a similar situation and I did exactly what Rebecca is saying and bub was fine. Good luck mama, it's a tough enough job but when you're sick it's even harder 😓

You just have to keep looking after them. What else can you do? They will receive antibodies from you through breastmilk.

My baby got covid at 4 weeks old. Your LO will be fine. Keep breastfeeding and following cues. You and LO will be completely ok. Rest up mumma you are doing amazingly

I just did everything as I usually would. I’ve got a cold and I past it on to Bub but he’s ok just has a bit of a blocked up nose. It’s day 3 and he’s pretty much recovered.

Just make sure that you cough and sneeze away from your little one and sanitise your hands before touching them.

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