Baby cries when I walk in

When we're alone just us we have a fantastic time and she's giggling and smiling constantly but when she's playing independently or with someone else and i walk over and she remembers I'm not holding her she starts crying. She's exclusively breastfed if that makes any difference. I'm starting to feel horrible like I constantly ruin her fun. When I pick her up she's happy like she got what dhe wanted and she cries when I walk out the room too. Everyone else she beams at when they walk in though. It makes me really sad.
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I feel like hopefully it's just a survival thing w being breastfed and abt wanting to be held. But I worry nonetheless. And even if i understand that I still feel like to everyone else it looks like I'm an awful mum and i make my daughter sad. X

It’s just to do with separation anxiety, my baby boy does exactly the same thing & hes 8 months xx

Sounds like separation anxiety, almost a cry at all of a sudden realising how they’ve missed you when seeing you again and emotional release as you are their safe space. Doesn’t feel nice sometimes but all great signs of a secure attachment ❤️ xx

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