Rant: Re-do pregnancy

I'm feeling really sad about my pregnancy journey. I have a beautiful 4month old baby, but I can't help reflect that I should've had a happy pregnancy. It was so horrible, my Ex/BD did a 180 and left me, hurt me, insulted me, denied paternity, and moved on to someone else. It was heartbreaking and I cried every night of my pregnancy. I can't help but think me and my baby deserved better, so much better. I can't help but apologize to my baby and wishing I could've done better by choosing better. It's horrible- but it is what is is.
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My pregnancy wasn't the happiest either and totally understand where you are coming from! You can't change the past. Just do your best to make the best out of now and what will come in the future!

I had a really unhappy pregnancy... my son is 5 months... and I love him dearly.. but it hasnt been easy... I pray that I get to experience a pregnancy with love and happiness in the future

i had a reallyyyy similar experience. feel free to message me if you ever wanna talk 🫶🏼

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