Is anyone else’s baby obsessed with them?

Obviously our babies love us, but my baby follows me with his eyes when I’m in a room and someone is carrying him. Or if he is playing with his dad he will periodically look around to make sure I am still there. I honestly love it, but I worry for when we send him to daycare…or over to his grandparents house.
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Yes my daughter follows me everywhere and smiles every time she sees me

My daughters same 🥰

yes my daughter has to see me in the room somewhere 😂or she’s gonna turn up !!!!

My son does this too! Warms my freaking heart but I also worry how we’ll both do when I return to work 😣

My son does this. I be feeling so bad for my husband bc he be trying but my LO will be good for 2 minutes then he wants mama back

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