Conceiving after chemical pregnancy

Hello! How soon did you everyone try to conceive again after chemical pregnancy? I had miscarriage on January 18 and I am wondering if it’s to early to try to conceive next month? My HCG is bellow 5 but nurse recommended me to skip next cycle and try after next cycle?
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For me personally I knew I wanted to try immediately (for context I MC Jan 21st) so once the bleeding stopped and I got a negative test I started tracking for ovulation straight away and I’m now in my TWW. I’m by no means a medical expert so I cant comment from a physical standpoint on when is the best time and if nurses have recommended waiting then it’s something to consider but I was given the all clear and told it’s not any more risky for us to try straight away. I’d say as long as both you and your partner both feel emotionally ready then go for it and when you do feel ready I wish you all the best 🤍

I didn't wait after any of mine. My 7 month old was conceived 2 months after our last loss prior to her.

Had my chemical pregnancy early Nov bi end of November I was pregnant I'm currently 10 weeks now

@ashley so you got pregnant next cycle or right after miscarriage?

I’m a nurse. I had a chemical in October, November. Then gave a break in December. Had another chemical in January and then finally got my BFP end of January. I would say for a chemical just keep going. But the hardest part is the mental side of things for sure. Baby dust.

I tried right after my chemical and got pregnant. I counted my miscarriage bleed as a period and tracked ovulation from there. I have heard people recommended waiting a cycle, but you’re also supposedly more fertile after a miscarriage so I went for it. I also figured since it was a chemical and not a clinical miscarriage there were no safety concerns.

I fell pregnant 1 month after, previous times 2 or 3

I had a chemical early December of 2017, wasn’t told to wait for a period or anything. I was pregnant again by the end of December lol

Straight away I had two chemicals back to back in May then June 2020 and then fell pregnant in July 2020 he was born March 2021 🥰

Definitely depends on you and how you’re feeling mentally and physically. We’ve just had a chemical, first day after bleeding today so I’ve started ovulation tests and we’re gonna try right away. We had a chemical last cycle too and are just continuing

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