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I just found out my husband was looking into divorce this morning. He claims he was mad at me, but not anymore. He still loves me. I don’t know how to feel.
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I would tell him to continue with the divorce! Since it was on his mind so heavy because he was mad! And had to look into divorce make him continue with the divorce!! Or in fact you continue with it! Lol that’s just what I would do though. I don’t really know yalls situation so I can’t really say too much but if I found out my husband was looking into divorce and thought it was cool to just change his mind because he isn’t mad anymore! Then I would make him continue with the divorce because obviously the situation wasn’t that deep since he isnt mad anymore but apparently he was mad enough to look into divorce so continue with it! Or I will! 🤷🏽‍♀️

Maybe couples counseling could help

If you don’t have a job start looking for a job

I’d say if it’s worth salvaging try counseling. However definitely put some money aside, you know just incase. Act like everything is alright, but educate yourself on the process and have an attorney on standby. I’ve seen similar situations go horribly wrong for those who don’t make themselves aware of their rights and choices involved in this process. If kids are involved, do make sure you file first!!

I'd go for the divorce. Don't make a man tell you more than once that he doesn't want you. Being mad doesn't validate looking into getting a divorce

@Kimberly Dana 💯💯💯💯💯 best comment !!! A man that truly loves you would never do / say that !!!

Marriage isn't perfect. I feel it's unrealistic to think that we are going to go out whole lives without seconding guessing. Or feeling as if we want our, it happens! Things get tough but marriage is about. Making the decision to love each other EVERYDAY! and in this moment you both have to choose whether your going to continue making that decision. I highly suggest counseling and talking to him about it, find out why he felt he wanted a divorce. I feel like telling him to do it, is childish and petty because what does that get you? Now if he truly wants out then yes don't beg a man to stay! And if this is reoccurring like he does this often then yes I suggest looking at divorce as well as that would show he isn't in it for the long run but if this is the first time he has done this then I say give him grace marriage isn't about petty retaliation sometimes our partners do things like this and we get so wrapped up in our emotions that we do regrettable things out of spite

He could have very well looked at a video on "How to get my anger under control and treat wife better" videos which are on YouTube these days by some good counselors..!!? Have a good talk and when on good talking terms see a counselor together and understand what's on his mind during the session being as non judgemental as possible. Talk to a trusted friend or a counselor later sharing your views of what he expressed. Make arrangements for yourself and the kids to have a safe exit if it seems that way or make arrangements to have a beautiful transformation in your family life if things look like they will improve. Either way secure yourselves as a family. His ideas are his and your reaction to it must be building a hedge so good that he should be ashamed of having his thoughts get him this far. That you aren't afraid should be evident but also the fact that you are priceless and irreplaceable.

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