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Hey guys! I'm due October 8th according to when my last menstrual cycle was. My first ultrasound is on Friday. What should I expect to see and learn with this ultrasound? I'll be about 6.5 weeks.
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Im due october 10th according to my lst menstrul cycle

im due october 8th as well!!! congrats🥰

Probably not much, a sac maybe hear the heartbeat but also can be normal to not hear the HB this early so don't worry. Congrats!

@Noelia That's exciting!

First, I want to drink 32 oz water 45 minutes before your appointment. Bring into the room after paperwork. Go over what you're doing first and ask you to use the bathroom in the private facilities in the scan room. Then, ask you to get undress 1/2 way or fully in a hospital gown. They will first try to do abnormal scan with gel and a on top of your belly. Using that early, I can't see anything because all other organs are in the way. The technician will xray your ovaries by the gel and what looks like a scanner on the sides of your bell with some pressure. Then, if you can't see with gel, they will do a vaginal scan, and we saw our baby right away this way. They tell actually what they will do, but basically, it's some warming lube and a skinny wand camera into your vaginal area, and then you get to see babies' heartbeat and your baby gummy bear. 😘 we were 7 weeks 3 days when we say ours. I'm due Sept 4th. Hope this helps. Congratulations 🎊

Sorry ! I thought it said what to expect, so I took it literally! 😆 🤣

31 weeks here! You’ll probably see your little baby the size of a bean lol and heartbeat. They might have to do an intravaginal ultrasound.. I had my first ultrasound at 6 weeks too and had to do one. I still have my ultrasound pictures from then and baby still had her little tail 🥹 Congrats on your new baby!! 💓 I’m so excited for you

You honestly don't see much, just a little blob (the sac with the baby), but it doesn't look like a baby at this point. They just check for a healthy heartbeat and measure to see how far along you are in your pregnancy. You may or may not be able to hear the heart beat, as it is still really early. I LOVE the early pregnancy ultrasounds as you get to see the 'blob' turn into a little tiny human, it's pretty amazing! Congrats.

@Tianna Honestly that's super helpful!

I’m due October 13th

Due Oct 3!! And had my ultrasound yesterday and I saw and heard my baby's heartbeat! 🥰

i went today at 6 weeks+2 and only saw the gestational sac. they said that’s normal this early.

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