Im hungry but too scared to eat

Im 13 weeks pregnant and Im starving, all ive had is 2 muffins. I havent eaten anything, ive been feeling so sick, i have a foul taste in my mouth, smells are triggering my nausea, and i cant even function. But im also very hungry and want to eat a sandwich but the fear of throwing up and getting sick is making me not want to eat and i know its not good but im terrified. I have anti sickness tablets but they kind of stop my vomit midway from coming up, i can feel it coming up but its like blocked at the same time. So i feel very uncomfortable after taking anti sickness tablets. Is there anything i can eat that can guarantee me not feeling sick?
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They say banana helps with nausea idk… Ask your doctor to give u some pills for nausea bc if the symptoms are that bad it’s not gonna be good for you

I probably won’t spell it right but Zofran helped a lot when I was pregnant with my first.

Ask your doctor for reglan or zofran! they both help. Zofran is stronger but can cause constipation Reglan is more mild but will not cause you to get constipation As far as the bad taste, I hope it goes away I had that for about 2-3 weeks this time around and it sucked! Food did not taste good and it gave me so many aversions I always tell people I lived off lays, Taco Bell, and soda for the first few weeks I’m entering my second trimester and slowly but surely starting to feel better It should go away soon just try to keep telling yourself that You could also try smoothies Also side note, some people have a serious fear of throwing up. Could this be something you could talk to your doctor about? Our brains change so much in pregnancy that a fear you didn’t have before may have manifested now..

@Jessica thank you! I’ll try out zofran and see how that goes, im only eating muffins and Doritos, but yesterday i didnt want Doritos either, and i was sick of having muffins, thank you for the suggestions! Tbh ive been throwing up a lot during this pregnancy to the point where my stomach starts to cramp, and i cant control my bladder anymore..sorry tmi, i just hate what comes after throwing is relieving but going thru the whole thing is just too much, and then im on the couch unable to move or lift my arm even. I will look into zofran and if things dont get better ill speak to my doctor, thank you again!

I’ve been having a tough time keeping food down too so I try to eat a mouthful here and there and focus more on drinking water. I throw up in the middle of brushing my teeth so I know the struggle! I bought the Preggo Pops from Amazon and they seem to help (though I’m 13 weeks now so hormones are prob leveling out). Hang in there!

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