I want another baby

I want another baby so bad. We did get pregnant with our second in the summer but ended up losing him around 15 weeks in September. I’m in school finishing up my undergrad and will go immediately into grad school so I have over a year left and I know it would be smart for us to wait until I’m done with school to try again, but I can’t help but want another baby so bad. I want to be pregnant and I want to grow our family but I need to finish out my prior commitments. My heart just hurts waiting for my turn to be here as I watch so many other people bring home their babies when mine is in heaven. 😔
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I'm so sorry for your loss, honestly, if your in a position right now to provide for a child why not?

So sorry for your loss mama 💕 if you feel like you can do it and are ready maybe it is right for your family

@Krystle I go back & forth with myself about it every day. I guess I mainly want to wait because my education is so important to me & I’m nervous of the workload with a newborn & toddler. I don’t want any excuse to quit school or put it off as I put it off when I was pregnant with my first & it took a lot for me to get back into it. But also the constant thought in the back of my head about it makes me wonder if it’s a sign that it’s time 😅

im in college, finishing my undergraduate and potentially masters, and im pregnant. If you feel like you can do it, then i say do it. If baby had gone to term, you would be doing school right now either way

I felt you I was in that position since 2020 and finally got pregnant with my rainbow. If you can do it then go for it queen you deserve it! 💙🌈

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