Using the train for the first time- help please

Hiya. Sorry, this may be a very silly post. I have to use the national rail for the first time tomorrow with my baby. I was going to use the pushchair ( travel system ) with car seat as we are getting a lift from the station. The journey is short- only 15 minutes. I will also be carrying a large nappy bag, which will be stored under the pram. Will I be ok with the pushchair on the train as I won’t be able to fold it up and take baby out? Or is that not acceptable on trains? Im also a bit worried about the gap between the platform and train with a hefty pushchair. Am I supposed to carry baby in a baby carrier/sling instead? Does anyone have any experiences with getting a train and leaving baby in the pushchair? Thank you and sorry again if this seems silly x
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The pram in the train is fine, there are dedicated areas where you stand with the pram so no need to take baby out! They are usually at either end of the train!! As for the gap, a member of staff will help, or usually a kind member of the public! First time is daunting but it’s so simple! X

Thanks so much @Steph xx

Check your platform beforehand and make it a good 5-10 minutes before train time that you are at the platform. Most people around you help you get baby on the train so you should be fine getting buggy on and off the train. It’s very rare to have to fold a buggy on the train in my experience- I’ve only ever seen that on the bus tbh. Space is always made for you with a buggy

I’ve been on quite a few trains with my little one, but thankfully always with my husband or mum. If possible, I’d try to book passenger assist, so a member of staff can help you on to and off the train. I’ve found other passengers very pushy and inconsiderate and also not willing to help at all (some have, most haven’t). Not that I’d expect help from strangers, but people trying to push through the door as I’ve been lowering the pushchair down to the platform or trying to shove on whilst I’m getting off with the pushchair. I don’t know if that’s just a reflection of where I’ve gotten off trains 😂. Some train companies are funny about where you put a pushchair too.

Thank you lovelies! @Dianne @Molly I managed to get on and off myself as there was no one around, but it was a quiet train and a pleasant journey thankfully! I’m so relieved 😭 x

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