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For the record, baby girl will be 4 months next month. This is the first time where I haven’t been able to figure out why she is hysterical… we tried feeding but she’s not wanting it tho I know she needs to eat cause it’s now past the 3hr mark. And then I thought gas pains but nothing I did was helping to relieve her.. my husband is at work and I called him and he told me to step away for a few minutes and breathe, which I did. Now I’m holding her and rocking her and she’s sleeping finally.. But now I’m scared if I try to wake her to feed her she’ll go ballistic again.. Anyone else’s almost 4mo old going through this or has gone through this?
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I wouldn’t wake her. I would maybe just wait till she wakes up on her own and feed her right when she wakes. My son tends to cry a lot when he is over tired and needs help to go to sleep

She'll let you know when she's hungry. My girl is almost 4 months old and had been super fussy, excessively crying this weekend. She's usually pretty good, but I think she's teething, so she's uncomfortable. Hope your baby girl and you get some rest.

My son is 3 months and he go through the same thing sometimes

I wouldn’t wake your baby they are to the age now were they can go awhile without eating if they are past there birth weight. Just feed when your baby gets up!(:

Let her sleep. She will be totally fine to go awhile without eating. Sleep will likely help reset whatever is bothering her, if it is overtiredness or just crankiness kind of a thing going on.


it sounds like your baby was overtired. when my daughter gets like this i hold her in my arms (butt in hand, back of head on forearm) and pat her butt while swaying with white noise. she falls asleep before 10 minutes

has she had a bowel movement she’s probably just irritable ? that’s what my baby do when she hasn’t moved her bowels .

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