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My little girl was an amazing sleeper from 3 months old, only waking if not well, until now. She’s 15 months and is waking almost every night for 2-3 hours in between 12-3. We’re in the middle of a nap transition but on one nap, she is still waking in the night. She is not playful but really restless. She seems absolutely knackered all the time at the moment, yet won’t go back to sleep in the early hours. I’m really struggling as I’m not very well, really run down, and really need some sleep to get better and it’s not happening. Anyone any ideas? 😩
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I have no advice, sorry! But wanted to let you know you’re not alone! My daughter thinks it’s party time between 12-3 at the moment 😬😴. I’m hoping it’s just a very short phase! I hope you manage to get some rest to help you feel better soon xxx

@Natalie thank you. It’s our 3rd week currently with the odd day or 2 sleeping through. 😩 Hope you get some more sleep soon too!

Hey! My little one is 15 months too and we’re experiencing wake ups too 🥲 I’m sure my LO is teething too so it’s contributing to the wake ups because he cries! I found that me going in actually kept him awake for longer, so I leave him to it and he falls asleep quicker. I hope he goes back to sleeping soon though because mama is tired!! We’re on 5.25/5.5 wake time so not sure if we need to dial back to 5 hours in the morning!

@Henna thanks. It’s so tough. I’m going to look at overall amount of sleep in 24 hours and see if that gives me any clues. I feel her sleep needs overall may just have dropped a bit but her wake windows are still possible too short for 1 nap. Ive never had any issue with nap transition before. This one is horrid! 😩 Hope you get sorted soon!

FWIW on one nap we’re on WW of 5/6 as she sleeps roughly 13 hours in 24. There’s a big range though, I found the table here really helpful hope it improves for you soon!

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