Valentines day with your LO

Just curious, what is everyone doing for their little ones on valentine’s day? Are you getting them gifts, doing a photo shoot, dressing them in cute outfits, or are you waiting for them to be a little older to enjoy the holiday festivities? I just thought it would be a nice discussion of everyone’s ideas and thoughts on Valentine’s day 😊
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we got him ana la and new cups and stuff like that and made a basket for him to have valentines morning and he got a new bamboo sleeper to wear the day of valentines

@Makayla Love it!!

I got my 14m old a new outfit, a valentines popup book, a heart stick balloon, and a new stuffie! ❤️

We got her a valentines outfit, a little teddy bear and the Little Blue Truck Valentines book 😄

We got him a new “big toy” and some snacks that are valentines themed!!

I made her a Valentines basket with a new pop up book & toys - all Valentines themed. Gonna take cute pics of her with it in her outfit

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