Belly sleeping

From what I see babies should wait until a year to sleep on their stomaches but I’m curious if anyone’s littles here are sleeping like that now?
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I have never heard of that. My baby sleeps on his stomach. Our dr told us as long as he can roll both ways it’s fine

@McKenzi Jacobs does he roll onto his stomach himself or do you set him down like that?

Mine does! She constantly rolls either on her tummy or back

Mine does I put him on his side then rolls over to his stomach

I’ve also never heard that. I’ve always heard that as long as they can roll themselves onto their bellies they are fine. I use to place my son on his belly bc he would roll over immediately anyway.

Safe sleep is to always place them on their back to sleep until at least a year. But once they can roll themselves both ways, as others said, you can let baby do what they want. My son is 7 months and always rolls to his stomach right away.

My little girl has slept on her stomach for the past 2 months. She is 8 months old. She can roll both ways and has good head control, so she can move pretty easily if she feels like she can't breathe.

he rolls to his belly himself!

Baby can sleep on their stomach as long as they get there themselves from their back (are rolling well) my baby has slept on his tummy for months, it was a big game changer for our sleep!!! He prefers it

Our pediatrician doesn't like the idea of him sleeping on his stomach but is okay with him sleeping on his side Me personally; I am fine with back side or stomach, as I have seen his head to the side whenever he's in his stomach... Just my thoughts

I sometimes put my little one on her front after her last feed as she’ll sleep better after

So I guess I have a follow up question to anyone that might want to answer. If baby can roll perfectly fine both ways why would I not be able to lay her on her stomach? I’m sure it’s probably a dumb question but I guess I don’t understand the difference. Someone please educate me 😂

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