Not sure why shower water taste so darn good

Sooo every night I take a shower. I can’t help but to drink the shower water. It’s so good. It tastes better than bottled water. I just hope it’s safe to drink. I’m 30 weeks pregnant. Thoughts??
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Honestly no it’s not filtered water unless you have some filter system in your place.

Sounds like you might have pica. I would talk to your doctor right away. Shower water isn't as dangerous as some pica (eating dirt obviously a bad idea but chewing ice is also a form of pica) but I would still take to your medical professional sooner rather then later

@Kate totally agree with pica. There might be a mineral or some deposit that is making the taste so appealing, but you do not know if that is safe unfortunately.

I think whether or not it's safe depends on your local water. Where I live it would be no problem, you don't need a filter. But if you usually need a filter for your drinking water then it's probably not safe.

Lmao. I grew up in very hot Florida and we drank from the water hose daily growing up. All of us are fine. She'll be fine too

@Lakeisha I'm not so worried about the shower water as the potential development of the condition pica.

Pica normally draws you to nonfood items, not water. She, like other normal people, drinks the water a bit when she's in the shower... she's not eating soap, she's drinking water. I mean, yeah, get checked but don't be alarmed at this point because you're definitely not the first to do this...

It literally can't be pica. These are criteria for pica: Persistent eating of nonnutritive, nonfood substances over a period of at least 1 month The eating of such substances is inappropriate to the developmental level of the individual The eating behavior is not part of a culturally supported or socially normative practice. Water does not fit any of those and it would have to fit all 3. Check your local water standards to make sure the water is safe to drink unfiltered. It is possible there are mineral buildups in your pipes that are making the water taste better to you. If you're concerned about that, take a sample of shower water to get it tested. It's also possible that you're liking it for other reasons such as the delivery system. Shower water is warm, finely dispersed, and arierated. One thing you can try to test if it's the delivery is to take a cup into the shower and collect some water in it. If you like the taste as much when it's settled and in a cup then it's more likely a mineral taste

It's common to develop pica during pregnancy and chewing ice is a form of pica. Drinking shower water is not a far step. But I'm not a doctor

@Kate I am a therapist and pica is mental health disorder. Ice chewing is actually not really a standard version of pica. It doesn't really meet the criteria, but depending on the severity of the behavior can be classified as such under very specific circumstances. It's incredibly rare to actually meet criteria for pica with ice. However beverages never meet the criteria for pica. Drinking inappropriate liquids is polydipsia. Water does not meet the criteria for that either though in the vast majority of cases. Pica is absolutely common during pregnancy and if it's not your field of specialty it makes sense to share a concern. As I have more experience and education in this area I was providing a counter perspective.

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