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Anyone tried their LO on Ella’s kitchen puree yet? I picked up a few as some from 4 months
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Ive not started to wean my new baby yet as she's not quite ready. However, I did use Ella's Kitchen for my firstborn & my daughter really enjoyed the puree's. I do plan on using them again with my new baby, just the ready made puree's are handy when put & about or, if there's not a lot of time to make any homemade puree.

I havnt used them yet but if you sign up to their website you get a free weaning guide that includes some coupons for free stuff from them!

I gave my little one the tiniest bit of a mamia puree the other day as they said to give like 1 - 2 teaspoons a day to build up their tastebuds etc x

The advise in the uk is to wean at 6 months At the moment my LO only takes 4 oz of milk at a time How are you finding weaning

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