OB that will not listen to you?

Hey, I am wondering if anyone here is having a bad time with their OB not listening to their concerns. Feel free to share your frustration and experiences.
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I changed my OB after my 2nd visit after getting pregnant; she was just so negative about everything...I'm 36, ftm, got pregnant from the first try and she literally 🤞🏻 that I won't have a miscarriage, she shamed me for masturbating and proceeded to tell me I won't want sex even after the baby is born as Ill be too tired for anything .... best thing I ever did was change her; I can't imagine being in the delivering room with her telling me I'm not pushing correctly 😅😂

I’m so sorry . You can switch obgyn anytime. What are they not listening to you about ?

I am in a group of midwives and doctors… I had a midwife who didn’t even look at my chart before coming in…. She just came in to say everything looked fine and when I had a question about my labs she admitted she didn’t look at my chart… definitely felt safe with her 🥲 lol jk

@Anca Popa That’s awful!

Well, I feel like my OB does not listen. She has told 3 times already in different situations to take Tylenol. I have expressed to her that my rib cage hurts so badly. She told me again to take Tylenol. To which I had to basically push her to think about something else she could do to help me. She just said “It’s normal! All woman have that same pain you have” “ A friend of mines is pregnant and she is also with the same complaint” . But… if you want, you can have a scam of your upper quadrant. She said that it’s because of the pressure my belly is creating. That’s was January… I was actually feeling the pain coming in December, but at the visit I forgot to mention it. Because it would hurt every other day. It turns out that I went for the scans she prescribed and sure enough, I have tumors all over my liver. :/ It made so upset that she wanted me to take Tylenol and that she basically ignored my concerns. Until now she has not reached out to me to talk to me about

The results. I got the results directly from the lab. I was hoping she would touch bases with me to at least calm me down in the case it’s not of a concern. But now I am in a limbo… not knowing if I should get further tests or what… it’s just very upsetting. I don’t know if I should change OB by this point of my pregnancy. I am in massive amount of pain in my liver. I called her office already 2x and they told me that she hasn’t seen the scans yet. And if she finds something she will call me in. I am just feeling very neglected at this point. Would you recommend I go see another OB or just go straight to my PCP and give her my scans. O Honestly I don’t know what to do.

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