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For mamas having their second baby, are you doing a registry or having another baby shower? I’m not sure what to do and don’t want to seem too needy after getting so much with our first baby. I have a 17 month old girl and expecting a baby in August. We are waiting until birth to find out gender. Suggestions?
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I have a 22 month old and we are planning to do a shower anyway… mostly to get family together and celebrate. We are doing a far reduced registry and mostly asking for diapers/wipes and stuff like that.

@Feliciana oh interesting, I hadn’t heard of that before

@Morgan oh okay, well maybe I will. Hmm not sure what to do. I guess I’ll start by creating a registry. At least we would get a discount if nothing else lol

@Cassandra yeah, I don’t know if we’re gonna call it a shower or sprinkle, we’re not super big on labels or anything with my family so. We’re mostly gonna focus on stuff that we do need, more breastmilk bags, some clothes, boopy and the basics. I was also thinking about putting some things that we need for my 22 month old on our registry as she moves up and the new baby will be taking over things, like putting in a toddler bed so that the new baby can take over the crib. I know for my friends and family, they just wanna know how to help and support us, so, even if it’s not conventional, they don’t really care. But we’re not the most conventional people… but it works for us.

Do a registry. If nothing else, it makes a good checklist for yourself and yeah -the discounts. It will also allow you to refer people when they ask 'what do you need'. As someone mentioned a sprinkle is a baby shower for not first kids. But you could also do a 'sip and see' after birth. I've heard of people doing it with wine, tea, coffee...whatever drinks you like. Some people have done one big party others say something like from 1-3 during this week. I've seen it done with normal shower/sprinkle gifts brought, I have also heard of people asking for guests to bring a meal for the parents/family.

With my 4th, I made a registry with pretty much just the essentials (since that's really all we needed) and posted it on FB. A couple of people bought off of it. My mom's Bible study group also threw me a small baby shower. I don't think I did anything with my 2nd and 3rd babies, though.

Well have a 16 month old and are expecting mid August as well! We’re planning to do a small brunch/sprinkle with family and friends. I think we’ll skip the registry this go round because a lot of people purchased duplicate gifts.

My son will be 3 in July and I plan on having another baby shower. Nobody has to bring a gift if they don't want to. Just want to celebrate my 2nd and most definitely last child with friends and family. And I have made a registry and haven't added a lot of clothes because I'm having another boy. But it might be a very small shower as my sons birthday is in July and I would much rather people show up for his party 😊 doubt anyone would attend both especially if they are within the same month to a month apart.

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