Anxiety after Ultrasound

i am around 13 weeks today! baby girl was chilling for the ultrasound today & did not want to uncross her legs to stretch out for the doctor LOL ❤️ doctor was worried since her head is bigger than the rest of her body & she’s measuring small. she brought up hydrocephalus as a possibility which has started us on the googling cycle. big heads DO run in my family (my little sister was suspected to have this all the way up until birth, turns out she just had a bigger head) but naturally i am VERY anxious. my last pregnancy ended in a tube removal since it was ectopic & i just want everything to be okay. any insight, love and support would be so appreciated. the 3 week wait till my next ultrasound is going to kill me 😭
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Little bean looks so cute! My auntie says that popular belief where I am from is that if the baby hides, turns away and doesnt cooperate etc when trying to determine gender, it’s a girl hahaha so it adds up with yours! I hope everything goes well ♥️♥️

I know it's hard but try to stay away from DR. Google. Take care of yourself and try not to stress. Keep yourself busy somehow till the next appointment. 🙏🏽🙏🏽

@Marina I love this! the stubbornness is definitely strong with this one lol

@Brooke thank you so much for this! trying not to google is near impossible but i always have to know every possible outcome to prepare 😭

Keep us updated! Google will definitely scare you and give you the worst possible outcomes ! Stay positive mama I’m sure your little bean is ok!

You could book a private scan for peace of mind just as a check up between but honestly I’d recommend focusing your research on being healthy and cute pregnancy facts or maybe even write a poem or draw a picture for baby, or have a go at drawing what you think baby will look like (it doesn’t need to be good just fun ☺️)

Don’t let google take your peace, mama. Stay away from it especially if you read anything negative just skip it.. I’m sure babygirl is going to be just fine. They can’t really know for certain on the measurements. They thought my son and short legs like his bones were measuring short pretty much throughout my pregnancy. but after he was born they did X-rays and all was well. But I would also like to add I do have a family friend in bio brother I grew up with that was born with hydrocephalus and he has always been just fine if you didn’t know it, you never would know it. Rest Mama, shes is perfect ♥️

My son had a giant head lol. They always brought that up in scans, but my dr never seemed concerned. It’s interesting they brought that up before your 20w scan. Most wouldn’t say anything until the tech takes all the proper measurements and checks for clefs and stuff. Try not so worry! Most kids grow at different rates. My son’s head grew so quickly and his body just needed time to catch up. Have faith and try to stay away from google haha 🩷

Stay away from Google, trust me. I was told in 20 week scan there was something wrong with the cord between baby and placenta, I googled it and it was the worst thing. But speaking to the doctors and midwives about it, they were so calm about it, it was like a water off a ducks back to them. Stick to the guidance of hospital care, they know best.

My LOs head measured big. It’s runs on my husband’s side. My son is healthy and now his head is in proportion and dropped a few percentiles.

This is adorable look at her 🥹 please do not worry keep us updated. Some babies do have bigger heads but grow into them naturally. She is going to be a cutie 🥰

Do not engage in Dr Google...❌it's the thief of joy.❌ It literally ruined my pregnancy for me. You can request an additional 'reassurance scan' or see a consultant for a 2nd opinion. Big heads or small bodies in scans aren't untypical and so many cases I've heard have turned out fine with smooth pregnancies.

just wanted to say thank you for all the love ❤️ my next appointment isn’t until march 5th and her heart rate sounded strong on friday so i am hoping for the best. i keep coming back here and reading everyone’s messages to stay grounded- thank you

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