Chamomile tea in formula?

Any moms give their babies chamomile tea mixed with formula? If yes, how old was your baby and why? How much did you give? Thinking of giving my baby this to try it out. He’s having a problem sleeping longer than 1hr and tummy problems. According to research it says I should give .5oz and use water to cover rest with his formula.
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I’d talk to your baby’s pediatrician first. How old is your baby? It’s normal for them to take short naps and younger babies wake up frequently for feeding especially if they’re going through a growth spurt

I’ve started doing this on Friday. And so far it’s been helping. I did it for the same exact reason. It was getting to the point that I felt like he was waking up every hour. I think my son has gas issues. He’s about to be 6 months on Saturday so I give him 2oz at night mixed in with his formula. But heard to you can start earlier.

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