Switching nights

My son is 2 weeks tomorrow. My husband and I sleep in separate rooms at the moment until our son can sleep through out the night. We switch nights for we wont be both sleep deprived. He has gone so attached to me, i feel guilty when im not with my son at night, even though I know I need to sleep and break. I know my husband is a get dad, but if I hear him cry i have a strong urge to run to him. Anyone relate? Or have tips?
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I didnt switch nights bc i didnt want to sleep separately for months (i dont like sleeping alone) but Sleep with a fan and noise machine to help cover the noise

Yes try just putting white noise on. That helped me sleep when i know needed it. Just overcome the urge and put faith in your hubby. I’m sure he wants you to relax and take a break too

We do shifts! I do go in my room when it’s my husbands shift because I also hate hearing my fuss or cry. But he and my husband sleep in the living room all night and I stay out there for my shift because that’s where our comfortable chair is and I mostly stay up.

We do have white noise machine playing all night. The room is kept dark as well. I feel so bad when our son cry so much just because he wants his mom. I know my husband feels bad he isn’t attached to him like he is to me. I will overcome the urge, i do believe hubby is a great dad. It’s only week 2 I’m sure it’ll get better with time

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