No sleep (EBF baby)

Anyone else’s 5 month old feeding every 1.5/2 hous day AND night?! 😩 I literally cannot feed her more than I do in the daytime, so it’s definitely not from lack of daytime calories that she is waking all night. When she wakes she is genuinely hungry too. She won’t settle until she’s fed again, which sometimes I’m feeding for 30/40 minutes each time. By the time I put her back it’s only another 50 mins/1 hour and she’s awake again to feed. Struggling majorly and just hope this passed. She has never slept through the night, usually wakes 3 times. At the moment she is waking 5/6 times.
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Hi there! I’ve had the same issue with my 5 month old. 😭 She use to sleep 4 hours straight and wake up twice a night. Then sleep regression slapped me right in the face and she’d wake up every hour. It’s been happening for 6 weeks. I went to see my health visitor and she advised to start her on solids last week so I did and it’s made a bit of a difference. I also stuck to a bedtime routine by giving her a bath at 7pm, massage some baby oil onto her skin and put her in her PJ’s. I turn on some white noise and lights off. The last two nights she’s been sleeping through for 2-3 hours so it’s better than before. Maybe try speak to your health visitor about solids. Remember it’s just a phase and their sleeping routine will change x

@Marwa thank you for your message! It’s so hard isn’t it 😩 my HV mentioned the same about potentially weaning early, but my little girl can’t sit on her own yet, I thought that was a criteria to weaning? 🙈 xxx

I know how you feel. It’s so so hard! And I loveeeee my sleep, I had no idea babies don’t sleep much. 😂 The whole phrase “slept like a baby” is nonsense! 😭😭 Same with my little girl she doesn’t sit by herself yet and needs a lot of support so I ask my husband to help, he holds her and I feed her. It’s a 2 people job until she can go in her chair x

I’m in the exact same situation! Praying that it’s a phase because this mama is tired!!

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