Do Prenatal vitamins make your hair grow?

A woman told me that prenatal vitamins made me her hair grow longer and thicker. I was confused because i thought that you typically lose hair during pregnancy. Is this true or a myth?
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My hair grew like crazy when I was pregnant.

Don’t think prenatals but I take skin elixir before and now during pregnancy and it’s has been growing for 3 yrs

Hair growth during pregnancy has to do to higher levels of estrogen. So hormones are basically doing that and prenatals are an added bonus to you and your baby’s overall health. You may or may not loose hair after pregnancy around the third month PP, again… hormones are to blame :) and for that also stick with your postnatal vitamins to stay healthy.

Your hair growth is due to pregnancy, not necessarily the vitamins. Although the vitamins can help, I would think. You usually lose hair postpartum, so be prepared for that. 😅

Mine did yes

I had exactly like you have on your arm It just a had in my Brest as well and my hand to With time will go Just you need vitamins Because your baby has taken all your vitamins from your body I'm saying this because of my experience The doctor will not tell you anything about it Is like eczema

My hair didn't grow 😭. It feels like it hasn't grown since I became pregnant. I'm 30 weeks

Your hair just grows during pregnancy because all the follicles stay in the growth stage (hormones) . Regardless of your prenatal. Postpartum is the opposite so I supplement and makes all the difference

These are excellent

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