Help me ladies how can i induce right now im 39 weeks n 3 days
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Following. 40 weeks in 40 minutes! 🙏 please baby girl, let’s do this! 💕

I’ve heard: sex,dates,pineapple,yoga ball, dancing, acupressure/accupuncture/ raspberry leaf tea. I’ve tried it all but the dates and pineapple. Anything I’m missing? (Not trying castor oil or a sweep)

Primrose inserted vaginally, exercise!, a hot bath, acupressure, pumping, cleaning the floor boards(spending lots of time in hands and knees 7hrs a day is recommended), and sex to completion(sperm is what ripens the cervix.)

With my 2nd pregnancy I did midwives brew at 38 weeks and contractions started 5 hours later ! My third pregnancy (a week ago lmao) when I turned 37 weeks I had rough sex and then drank a TBSP of castor oil (could have been a coincidence) and my water broke an hour later 🥴 I had my son the next day and it was the shortest labor out of all my kids 🫶🏽

Try dancing

@Julia S curb walking ! Rocking babies head lower and lower into your vaginal canal! Your list looks and sounds amazing otherwise btw!! ✨️

Unfortunately I've tried everything for weeks and nothing I come to terms baby comes when they want 😕

@Monica that’s what my midwife said yesterday at my apt 😊 been trying that and chasing my toddler haha. Having cramping and occasional contractions but nothing consistent yet!

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