Just a little sad.

My car has been broken for 2 weeks now. I’ve been walking and/or ubering everywhere and having to DoorDash food and groceries. it’s just so draining. I’m so tired of feeling like I take 2 steps fwd just to get knocked 10 steps back. I just hate that as soon as I feel like life is getting better some other shit happens that keeps me stuck in this same position/situation and I literally just can’t afford to fix it. I just need a way out…because the only way I can fathom finally having my freedom is just to not be here anymore. But I also can’t just leave my child alone. I need something to change. I need life to get better.
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I feel you, I’m in the same category it’s just so draining I’ve learned to handle one problem at a time. When you focus on them all it just seems so much. Categorize the problem from most important to “can wait a little bit” then you can start tackling them. The car situation is hard. Maybe look into renting on turo or something for about a week or two to help your way around it’ll equal the money you’re spending on Uber anyway . It’s also ok to start from the bottom again, maybe get a cheap hooptie something you can handle for now until you build back up. 🤍 direct message me if you want to chat ! I’m here

What broke on the car? Car issues are always expensive and suck. Your best luck is owning a Honda/ Acura as they are the cheapest & easiest to repair

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