Verbal abuse

When my husband gets really mad at me, he defaults to name calling. You name it, he has called me it. Bitch, c*nt, f×cking loser, crazy, psycho etc etc. The other day he called me a f*cking loser because i asked to sleep upstairs (away from our baby so i could get a decent nights rest)..which is normally where he he isnt woken up in the night. Im also 6 months pregnant and just needed a good nights rest. He never apologizes and feels he is justified. I know i dont deserve this, but i also dont feel ready to solo parent with one on the way and with a 2 year old. I feel like i could *maybe* try to move past this and try to save our family if at least there was an apology and accountability that the way he behaves is wrong. Yet i feel like i cant even have a conversation with him about it because it just results in him throwing it back in my face, blaming me, and never apologizing. Is this abuse? What would you do if you were me? In the back of my mind i am slowly starting to think of a way out after my next is born... In no way is he physically abusive, but i feel like he is verbally/emotionally every couple of months or so. Not daily.
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Yes this is abuse. You should find a way out ASAP. This can easily turn to physical abuse. There will not be a true apology. He will only apologize to keep you from leaving.

There is no way I would tolerate this from my husband esp while pregnant. He sounds like an ahole

Yes this is abuse. Maybe you Can try to move away go with a family member or a parent . Work on the relationship from far away. Sometimes they need to realize what they can loose

This is abuse. And this is how things started with me, and slowly it turned physical as well. Please get out. You don’t want your boys seeing that relationship growing up. You don’t want that to be your life for the next 18 years just to keep your family together. You can do this alone (I mean it sounds like you kind of already are). If you need someone to talk to who has been through something similar, my DMs are open.

Can you message me I’m a domestic violence advocate and I can help you in this situation I’m also a survivor please let me help you

I told my husband early on in the relationship that I will never forget the things he says to me, and if he says something really mean it’s like taking a bite out of our relationship that will not come back. I told him I wouldn’t stand for that kind of behavior. And he stopped directing it at me. He still says really nasty things when he gets mad at other times, like when driving. I don’t like it, but he is working on it and tried to respect my boundaries with which words I find particularly offensive. You could try letting him know how much this impacts you and how serious it is for you. You could try going to therapy together if he is willing. Ultimately you don’t have to put up with this and I would leave if it didn’t stop.

This is 100% abuse and if this is how he treats you with a baby inside I can’t imagine what he’ll do or say when you’re no longer carrying his child. RUN. No one should ever have to hear words like that from someone they love.

Also if kids grow up hearing this behavior towards you, they will only think this is what real love is. If you show yourself more value and worth, your kids will do the same

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