My baby doesn’t like to breast feed 🥲

Most of the time when I breast feed my baby, he starts to cry and seem to suck air or maybe too much is coming out. I am not sure but he seemed miserable when I try and it makes me really sad. 😞 I’m not sure what the problem is. So I just pump and give him breast milk through bottle. I notice my milk supply is slowly depleting because I know that doing this way will happen. I just don’t know how to get my baby to breastfeed only. It’s so stressful to breastfeed. I don’t understand how others do it. I can only get him to do it at night when he is half asleep. Which is interesting but when he is wide awake, he screams and squirms and seem to be impatient to have milk to finally come out. Anybody else experiencing this?
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Has he always had a bottle along with breastfeeding? When did you add the bottle? Nipple preference sounds like the issue maybe. I'd try nipple shields. Try doing extra pumping to keep up supply!

My baby does this as well, at night has no problem but during the day is a hassle, but for me is too important as I as a baby was only BF for 15 days and my mom’s supply was cut so they tried formula but that put me in hospital for almost until 2yo. I don’t use bottle or anything because I don’t want her to prefer the bottle,I just keep trying and trying, I even have to rock her standing up so she takes the breast without complaining. I don’t know what the issue is but unless is the milk hurting her, which I know is not because at night she seems so happy, I will continue. Good luck and let me know if you find out what is going on, I will too.

Make sure baby is belly to belly with you, if it’s anything like mine then it’s bottom wind! Try cycle legs, gentle belly massage, infacol or similar and then try, also mine is a strange one but he doesn’t like me talking or making any noise myself while feeding i think it’s to do with how my body vibrates when I talk etc

I feel like they get frustrated breast feeding because they have to work for it more than the bottle. I had to feed with the bottle then breast feed in tandem so he would feed while not being sooo hungry . Also the more often I breastfed with less time between the easier it was until we got in a cadence and then only 1-2 bottles a day and mostly feeding at the breast. Good luck mamas. You'll find your rhythm.

We got over bottle preference by using a little bit in a bottle at the start of a feed so he was less hungry and more able to be patient on the breast

@Kimberly yes. he had bottle because I was afraid I wasn’t producing enough milk at that time so I gave him formula. So I gave both formula and breastmilk.

If you can find a local breastfeeding group, and follow some accounts on Instagram it really helps to not feel so alone with the issues while you find the rhythm. In the U.K. they have peer support and feeding teams, there might be something like that in San Diego? Worth trying.. it’s a journey but it gets easier and they will figure it out when they’re hungry! Sometimes standing, or a quick expression to stop the force of milk while your supply is regulating, little things help.. or baby might prefer one boob over the other. Best advice I got was not to stress over which side she feed from last at the beginning, it’s not like a pump, if they only had a sip from a boob and went to sleep or were too fussy, start on the same side that your or until they have had a real feed. I was using one of those tracking apps and it was stressing us both out too much.

Please look into having a lactation consultant come and watch you breast feed. It does really help! There may be a tongue tie or lip tie that is impacting the latch. A weighted feed is also useful to see how much your baby is getting during a feed. And different positions may be helpful. We also used a chiropractor for babies that helped release some tension. That made feeding butter too. When bottle feeding wake sure you are doing a paced bottle feed. You can also not have him have any milk for the first 30 seconds of the bottle, have him just suck on the nipple to simulate waiting for a let down. This will help not having a bottle preference Pumping can reduce your supply if your pump is not strong enough or you are using collection cup style pumps that leave milk behind. That will signal to your body you don't need as much and reduce the amount. If you are using formula, what helped me was to also pump the same amount after to try and keep up with supply. Look into power pumping and triple feeding.

@Erica ah ok gotcha gotcha. I think it is very likely nipple preference for the bottle. You could try also trying a slower pace nipple to help convince him that the breast isn't so slow. Lactation consultants can help with this! But I'd definitely try nipple shields for a bit. Sorry this must be so frustrating.

You could try pumping for a couple minutes to get the first letdown then have him latch. If it's slow letdown that should get milk flowing and him happy, if it's too fast letdown then you'll collect the first big wave and he shouldn't get choked then. Seeing a lactation consultant definitely won't hurt! And from everyone I've talked to along with my own experience, nipple confusion isn't really an issue but babies typically have to work harder to BF so getting him used to a slower pace bottle nipple may get him willing to do either as well

You should see a lactation consultant. If you supply is being negatively affected from pumping then you may need troubleshooting with your pumping (flange size, settings, schedule, etc). You may have a fast letdown or baby may have tension or oral ties that are affecting his ability to latch or feed properly. There are so many things that could be hampering breastfeeding. I had a few issues with my first that an LC was able to help with resolving. My daughter had a tongue tie and until we got it released, she could only feed in sidelying comfortably.

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