Lol anybody else hate when females suddenly wanna be thirsty over your man when he gets his hair done!😂

Like don’t be thirsty over my man now mf! I tell him he looks good everyday!! Yo lil compliment is irrelevant!😂 mfs be in that plant thirsty as hell! But what really made me mad is when this mf told me they make him smile when they compliment him!! Ole friendly ass!😂 yea I’m territorial! My man doesn’t need no compliment from no other women! He didn’t start looking that good until he met me! So he better act like he know something!😂
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Better start baking for him 🤣🤣 And buy him some ugly ass clothes lol Jk jk if he’s loyal he’ll always be yours if not let the other women take the trash out with them

@Jacinda lol I told him I will never do his hair again 😂 these mfs got you smiling like nah tell them to come wash your clothes I bet they won’t be smiling then!😂😂😂 I put up with a lot dealing with this man! And I know for a fact that no other woman can handle it!😂 so they can test the waters if they want! If baby boy ever decides to test the waters it will absolutely be his loss for sure. I’ll take all this luxuriousness elsewhere 😂😂😂

Girl same when my husband starts acting a fool so do I lol I’m like cook dinner? How do you do that I forgot lol 🤣🤣🤣 oh wash dishes 🤣🤣 that’s for you baby

But no no luckily he does help out he just works ridiculous hours so it can’t always be 50/50

Okkkkkk!! Like anything you can do I can do better!!😂 play stupid games when stupid prizes! I’ll humble that ass real quick!!💯 but nah I trust him, it’s the females I don’t trust! Wasn’t nobody messing with him until he got with me! Now all of a sudden these females got so much to say to him! 🙃

Cause they have issues 🤭 when you know you’re no good you do no good

But honestly though the same thing happens to women— so many men are all over me extra for no reason like I’m sorry but yeah no

Yea it’s just wild smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

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