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Okay so I’m 38w and 3D I have hardly felt my baby all day (he was moving and grooving last night) and I just had a lot of clear sticky discharge when I went the bathroom. But at my last appointment on Friday he was not moving much I almost had to get a non stress test done but he made his movement 6min till the end of the 30 min mark I was also 1cm dilated. I did feel him move once while pushing down on the bottom of my bump just a little bit ago my boyfriend is running to go get me a slushee since that usually gets him to move. But on Saturday I took a 2.5 mile (round trip) walk to the store as my car is broken down and I had s$x this morning it wasn’t ruff or anything and had been better then the last few times we tried (usually my stomach would cramp from the pressure) but this time it didn’t so idk if I should be concerned or not my hospital is 1 hr away.
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If the slushie doesn’t get him moving, I would go to the hospital to get checked out. Even if by the time you get there he’s having a party in there it’s far better than any alternative. I had to go to l

amp;d last Monday because I hadn’t felt my guy move throughout the day and on the way there I started having contractions. Turns out I was just very very dehydrated and since I hadn’t been able to eat he wasn’t moving so much cause he didn’t have energy too. I’d drink the slushie and eat something then lay down for the hour to see if he’ll move. If he’s not moving I’d definitely go to l&d

He started to move a bit down at the bottom of my belly I’m going to go to bed for now and watch very closely threw out the night and tomorrow if he doesn’t move much I’ll be going in thank you 🙏🏻

@Dominique that’s good there’s some movement from him. I hope he’s just taking a lazy day! My guy does that a lot! And ofc!

He was moving again this morning so I’m gunna go with a lazy day yesterday 😅🙏🏻

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