Trouble sleeping

My baby is 4weeks old and we've been struggling for two days to get her to sleep, any advice? 😩 i’m desperate
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What I’ve done is feed my baby every 2-3 hours during the day even if I have to wake her up. And at night I keep all the rooms as dark as possible to help with her inner clock and let her sleep as much as she wants.

Give her a bath with calming wash! And feed her a bit more than what you do during the day

Honestly, that’s how my entire first 3 months were with my daughter 😭 There’s so much development going on plus day/night confusion, it’s hard for some babies to sleep Luckily my son is better with sleeping, but it’s hard. Good luck, mama

Start setting up a routine like 9pm give her a bottle bath her with lavender scented wash put some pj give her the rest of the bottle or breast turn off all lights and white noise my son would be sleeping by 10ish almost 11 but it helps trust me

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