Cranky toddler All. Day. Long.

For the past week or so my son has been sooo cranky! He doesn't appear sick. He's just been whining and whining. We try to play with him but he still seems bored. He also stopped eating all his actual food (throws it on floor/plays with it) and will only have milk. He's been really fighting his nap and some days won't even take one. I thought maybe he could be teething but even Tylenol didn't help. Is he just bored? What are some more fun things we can try at home with him???
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My son behaves this way when he is teething, but in mama solidarity- it doesn’t make it any less difficult to have a possible reason. My son loves to be outside and now that hes pretty confident in his walking we try to go to the park as much as possible to burn off energy and have a change of pace. We’ve been exploring different places so things don’t get boring. Infant ibuprofen lasts longer and is arguably more effective but it has to be taken with food/not on an empty stomach.

Does he have an ear infection?

Echoing both Jenelle and Mary — sounds like most likely teething or possibly an ear infection. Also agree that Tylenol does next to nothing and prefer infant Motrin.

Thank you guys! I will have to see how he is tomorrow and if he's still bad I'll make him a dr appt 🫶🏻

Mine has been doing THE EXACT SAME omg it’s been rough. I’m wondering if she has an ear infection as well

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